Star Ocean First Departure R - Switch


The story begins in an underdeveloped planet, Roak. Kratus, where the main character Roddick resides, is situated on the southernmost tip of the continent of Muah. It is known as a peaceful yet uneventful town. One day, Roddick, a member of the defense force who patrols the town, is informed that an unknown epidemic is spreading in the neighboring town ― a rare disease that petrifies the body while one is alive. After visiting the neighboring town, Roddick, along with his best friends, Dorne and Millie, set out for the summit of Mt. Metorx, where an all-curing herb is said to grow. As they head towards the summit, Roddick and friends meet Ronyx and Ilia who emerged from a pillar of light. This encounter marks the beginning of a journey spanning the stars and beyond.


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Developer : Square Enix
Editor : Square Enix
Type : RPG
Release date : 05/12/2019
PEGI : Rated 12+
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