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Metal Max Xeno takes place about a century after the Great Annihilation in which the supercomputer NOA attempted to destroy humanity in order to prevent further ecological disasters caused by pollution. Despite NOA being defeated, with its final moments it sent an order to its creations, colloquially known as SoNs, to completely exterminate humanity. The SoNs quickly began to overwhelm and destroy the remaining settlements, save for one: Iron Base, a secret technologically advanced underground based located at the city known as Iron Town. Iron Town is visited by a young man with a metal arm and whom vows to destroy the SoNs with his tank. The citizens of Iron Base agree to help him, in exchange for his assistance in seeking out survivors and technology with which to protect humanity and bring the species back from the brink of extinction.


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Developer : Kadokawa Games
Editor : NIS America
Type : Action RPG
Release date : 28/09/2018
PEGI : Rated 12+
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