PS5: The first official news

Sony will not be present at E3 2019. But that did not stop the manufacturer and it revealed some details about its upcoming PlayStation 5 console. 

Graphics and power: 
Mark Cerny, the console architect, already responsible for the PS4, said the console will be based on a third-generation AMD Zen architecture for the CPU and the GPU will be a variation of the Navi chip. All will achieve 8K resolution and activate Ray Tracing. 

Thanks to AMD chips, the platform will provide 3D sound.  

It is time to say goodbye to hard drives, Sony now switches to SSD in order to reduce loading and launch times.  

Backward compatibility: 
Knowing that the architecture of the PS5 is close enough to the previous console, PS4 games will be backward compatible. Some games could even be released at the same time on both consoles. the PlayStation VR will also be compatible with the new machine.  

Mark Cerny said the console will be equipped with an optical drive and that Sony is also working on its own version of cloud gaming.  

Release date: 
Mark Cerny has confirmed that the PS5 will not be released in 2019, but he has not indicated more details on the subject.


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